Chicago's Premier Band - Soda

Soda bio pic
A band. A real band. It's so much more than a collection of hired guns. It's not a corporation, and it's not a clone of something else. It's a small group of people who through years of playing together have forged something truly special. Something that sounds tight, and with a passion and an energy honed by 150 dates a year. Year after year.  

 Formed in 2008, the members of Soda have made playing music their life's work. They teach private lessons to future musicians, and they play in the band. They play for all kinds of audiences. Little children at a park district summer concert, senior citizens at a luncheon, couples celebrating their wedding, and couples celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary. They have performed for The White Sox, The Blackhawks, Arlington Race Track, companies too numerous to name, country club events, and house parties. Wherever people gather to celebrate and have a good time, Soda has been there. They bring the songs. And they bring the experience to make your special event one to remember. 

Take a few minutes to read some reviews posted here and on Wedding Wire. Listen to the tracks on the home page. Check out the song list. And discover what it is that has made Soda the perfect fit for so many for so long.